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This Wiki is designed to allow you to share materials with your fellow colleagues at other Summon institutions and for you to learn more about what others are doing with Summon. It will be a great place for sharing export scripts and other tips for ILS systems, usability testing scripts, marketing examples, and more!

The Wiki is open to the public, however in order to edit any content, you will need to obtain an account.

Account setup is moderated and only open to active Summon clients with an institution affiliated email address. Once you fill out the account setup form, your account will need to be approved before you can begin editing content.

The Rules

Hopefully, the few rules that we do have are just common sense :-)

  1. this is a public wiki - don't post anything confidential or commercially sensitive!
  2. this wiki is kindly hosted by Serials Solutions -- please don't post anything that would get the company into trouble!
  3. if you add any code or scripts to the wiki, please add a suitable licence (e.g. Creative Commons) to the code

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Andrew Nagy ( or Dave Pattern (

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