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OPAC Record Link Syntax


If you have a BIB index, you can use:{BIBID}

...if not, try:!{BIBID}~!0&profile=PROFILEID

...if the 3100001 value doesn't work for you, try examining a few full bib record page URLs on your HIP to see what value it uses.

Record Export Routine

To automate the export of bib records, it's probably best to use the command line MARCOUT tool, available from the SirsiDynix Client Care site. See the SirsiDynix documentation for full details. A typical MARCOUT command might look like this:

marcout /sHORIZON /usa /pABC123 /lZZ /dhorizon /mexport.mrc /tbibs_to_summon /Xaddbib /y /q999a


sHORIZON         = the Horizon server name
usa              = database username
pABC123          = database password
lZZ              = main library location code
dhorizon         = database name
mexport.mrc      = filename for the MARC export file
tbibs_to_summon  = a table containing a list of bib#s to export
xaddbib          = an export profile to apply to the MARC records
y                = export a MARC record, even if the bib has no items attached
q999             = add the bib# to a 999$a tag in each MARC record

Using a custom table (bibs_to_summon in the above example) allows you to use SQL to select which bib records to export (e.g. only bib records updated in the last 24 hours).

To create a custom table, pick a table name that's not already in use (bibs_to_summon should be unique) and create it with:

create table bibs_to_summon(bib# int)
create clustered index bibs_to_summon_index on bibs_to_summon(bib#) with ignore_dup_row

Handling Deleted Bibs

When a bib record is deleted via the Horizon cataloguing staff module, it isn't removed immediately. Instead, the LDR 6 position in the MARC record (stored in the bib table) is set to "d" and then, typically, the record will be physically removed by the Day End process. Therefore, if you want to export deleted records to Summon, you'll need to export the records before Day End runs.

To identify bib records that have "d" in the LDR 6 position, use this SQL:

select bib# from bib where tag="000" and text like "_____d%"

See this Perl script (released as part of the Summon4HN Project) for more info.

Please note that some tools for deleting bib records (e.g. killbib.exe) can delete the MARC record immediately, so special care needs to be taken to ensure those records are also removed from Horizon.

Live Item Availability Info

Summon will normally "screen scrape" HIP to fetch item availability information. Due to the way HIP was written, this has the potential to degrade HIP server performance as HIP will generate a new session for each page request from Summon.

For an alternative method of providing live availability, see this mod_perl handler (released as part of the Summon4HN Project) that bypasses HIP and retrieves the data directly from the Horizon database. The handler returns the availability in basic DLF XML format. If you use the Apache::DBI module, then the handler can maintain a persistent connection to the Horizon database.

If you wish to use an alternative to screen scraping, contact Serials Solutions Support to let them know!

Summon Customers

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